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Coin Pearl on Leather

Coin Pearl on Leather.


Simple and elegant, a single coin pearl hangs with a Sterling Silver tag. Set on leather with tiny Sterling beads. This necklace is 18" with a pearl button to tie that shortens to any desired length.

Sterling or Gold Filled:
Price: $48.00

Coin Pearl With 14K Gold Bead Earring

Coin Pearl With 14K Gold Bead Earring.


A single flat coin pearl with a 14 Karat Gold mirrored bead above and below the pearl add luster to an already lustrous pearl. All hanging from a 14 Karat Gold Earring.

14Karat Color:
Price: $143.00

Colorful Mother of Pearl Shells on Leather

Colorful Mother of Pearl Shells on Leather.


Colorful Mother of Pearl nugget shaped shells hang from a leather necklace that ties to lengthen and shorten.

Leather Colors:
Price: $48.00




Cubbies make life easy and beautiful. Built to suit, these stained hancrafted cubbies make storage attractive! Contact for pricing.

Price: $500.00

Double Pearl on Leather

Double Pearl on Leather.


Odd double pearl on a piece of leather. A beautiful way to display a pearl. Put it on and never take it off. Leather has a pearl tie at end of 18" - knot to shorten. Each pearl is unique and has different display of color.

Price: $28.00

Equitation 101: A Guide to Good Riding + Equitation Homework: A Blueprint to Excellence

Equitation 101: A Guide to Good Riding + Equitation Homework: A Blueprint to Excellence.


Available to Ship June 24th. Equitation 101 gives every reader something to work on. Great horsemen never stop learning and Equitation 101 gives riders all the fundamentals they need to better their skills in the English saddle. The accompanying Equitation Homework: A Blueprint to Excellence provides hours of exercises to take to the barn. 46 pages spiral bound filled with practical lessons to try at home. Exercises for riders of all levels - practice correct to achieve your best ride each and every time - no matter your level. Each ride builds on the previous - 1% improvement each day leads to 100% improvement in just 100 days!

Expedited Shipping:
Price: $19.95

Flat Pearls on Leather Necklace

Flat Pearls on Leather Necklace.


Pearls combined with Sterling and faceted Quartz beads hang from leather with beads running up and around the leather.

Price: $52.00

Garnett Cluster Earrings

Garnett Cluster Earrings.


Faceted pear shapes and round beads cluster together in deep and brilliant shades of Garnett red. This earring is small and hangs close to the ear while giving a big look. Click on Image to enlarge.

SS, GF or 14KY, 14KW:
Price: $80.00

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