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Garnett with Gemstones and Tags

Garnett with Gemstones and Tags.


Make this your new favorite necklace. A large Garnett stone encased in 14K Gold Vermeil hangs together with Sterling Oxidized Rings, 14K Gold Filled tag, Turquoise and Mystic Topaz. All hanging from an 18" leather cord with an Aquamarine toggle clasp that knots to shorten.

Price: $85.00

Gold Peace Sign

Gold Peace Sign.


22K Gold Vermeil Peace sign hangs with a little gemstone on a Gold Filled Chain. A great way to display your peace.

Sterling or Gold Filled:
Price: $32.00

Iolite & Smokey Topaz

Iolite & Smokey Topaz.


A mellow mix of Iolite, Smokey Topaz, Aquamarine and Sterling make this down to earth necklace elegant. Leather ends with slip knot allow for 18" adjustable to 28".

Price: $168.00

Large Mauve Pearl & Leather Necklace

Large Mauve Pearl & Leather Necklace.


An unusually large and stunning 16mm Mauve pearl need nothing else. Exquisite in its size and simplicity. The pearl toggle at the end is 19" and will adjust shorter.

Price: $75.00

Multiple Gemstone on Sterling and Leather

Multiple Gemstone on Sterling and Leather.


Multiple Gemstones hang alonside a Sterling Charm on a short piece of heavy Sterling Silver chain with leather. Earthy, classy and fun.

Price: $168.00

Multiple Gemstone Tassle

Multiple Gemstone Tassle.


Multiple gemstones hang from brown polished Greek leather cord. Slip knots allow you to adjust from 28" to 16". A Bohemian look that wears well long or short.

Price: $121.00

Pearls on Heavy Chain

Pearls on Heavy Chain.


Beautiful lustrous pearls hang off of a heavy Sterling Silver chain. The pearls are very large and make this a standout piece. Click on the image to enlarge.

Price: $310.00

Pearls With Sterling Rondelle on Leather

Pearls With Sterling Rondelle on Leather.


Pearls are organic gems, created when an oyster covers a foreign object with beautiful layers of nacre. These particular pearls come from the seas off Japan and have exceptional luster. Set off with a Sterling rondelle on 18" of leather with a pearl tie that shortens to desired length.

Price: $95.00

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