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Pearls on Leather Bracelet

Pearls on Leather Bracelet.


8mm White round Pearls are knotted together on natural brown leather. Pearl tie end.

Price: $72.00

Single Pearl Bracelet

Single Pearl Bracelet.


Pearls are organic gems, created when an oyster covers a foreign object with beautiful layers of nacre. These unique bracelets show off the luster of nature. All on leather with a pearl to tie at end.

Price: $45.00

Turquoise Rondelles & Leather Bracelet

Turquoise Rondelles & Leather Bracelet.


Turquoise rondelles on leather with knots in between each rondelle. This bracelet is different from the look you are used to seeing with Turquoise.

Price: $66.00

White Pearl & Leather Bracelet

White Pearl & Leather Bracelet.


Lovely white pearls decorate this long piece of leather that wraps three times around your wrist and ties off with a Sterling Silver toggle. Shown on brown leather.

Leather Colors:
Price: $54.00

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