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2 Strand Leather with Pearls

2 Strand Leather with Pearls.


2 strands of leather that attatch at 16" each with a lustrous oblong pearl attatched. Quite simple and easy to wear.

Price: $56.00




Sterling Silver Malibu Believe bead with a pearl on either side all strung on leather with a pearl to tie it off.

Price: $56.00

Coin Pearl on Leather

Coin Pearl on Leather.


Simple and elegant, a single coin pearl hangs with a Sterling Silver tag. Set on leather with tiny Sterling beads. This necklace is 18" with a pearl button to tie that shortens to any desired length.

Sterling or Gold Filled:
Price: $48.00

Coin Pearl With 14K Gold Bead Earring

Coin Pearl With 14K Gold Bead Earring.


A single flat coin pearl with a 14 Karat Gold mirrored bead above and below the pearl add luster to an already lustrous pearl. All hanging from a 14 Karat Gold Earring.

14Karat Color:
Price: $143.00

Double Pearl on Leather

Double Pearl on Leather.


Odd double pearl on a piece of leather. A beautiful way to display a pearl. Put it on and never take it off. Leather has a pearl tie at end of 18" - knot to shorten. Each pearl is unique and has different display of color.

Price: $28.00

Flat Pearls on Leather Necklace

Flat Pearls on Leather Necklace.


Pearls combined with Sterling and faceted Quartz beads hang from leather with beads running up and around the leather.

Price: $52.00

Green Pearl Cluster Hoops

Green Pearl Cluster Hoops.


Keshi Pearls dyed green dangle from a 14K Gold Filled hoop - perfect color for all the Military green looks for fall. Also available in Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold.

SS, GF or 14KY, 14KW:
Price: $60.00

Keshi Pearl Cluster Earrings

Keshi Pearl Cluster Earrings.


Keshi Pearls, natural in their color and shape, are clustered together and hang off of 14Karat Gold Filled Hoops. Also available in Sterling Silver an 14Karat Gold.

SS, GF or 14KY, 14KW:
Price: $60.00

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